I just finished the exerpt from Pam Houstons’s “Cowboys are my Weakness”. I loved it and I didn’t think I would. Not that I would doubt Megan’s taste in literature, but I am not a romance and relationship kind of reader and I thought this would be too specific to Houston’s own experience for me to find myself in, but alas, I found myself deep in this piece. I found myself nodding along with every point she made. I know exactly what that feels like and despite my own hesitation to identify with the emotional nature of women, I can not deny that I do after reading this piece. I like her use of the second person narrative, which I think left lots of room for the reader and I like that the format is some what structured, with points and then commentary from her friends, which is so how women act: looking for affirmation from friends.
I am going to buy this book for my mother within the week and mail it to her. She and I had this conversation over break. We talked about how both of us are prone to being attracted to people who are incapable of reciprocating. Houston uses very specific actions that I think are universal with this type of character, which I think is her point; she wants to emphasize the “type” of man she goes for. I had a very emotional response to this piece and it inspired me to do some of my own relationship writing.