I have some experience with Blogging. Admittedly I have a few online journals other than this one. There is my cartoon which I have been posting for over a year, and I also have a blogger journal which I don’t update much, but use for storage of writings that I want to edit. In my experience with the “blogosphere” as they call it, it seems that the ones that draw my attention are the ones with pictures, the ones that are personable (easy to identify with) and those that are on topics that interest me (obvious, I know).
As far as blogs that offer true writing, I find they are harder to come by. It seems that blogging has offered something very dynamic to the literature, in that it is easier for the writer to get their work out there, but it seems that there is still difficulty from the other end: the reader getting to the work.

Most of the writing centered pages are more like workshops or news-letters. I can think of a few that I visit on a regular basis, like Fresh Yarn and Salon which are very much for and about writers and can leave “amateurs” feeling left out or intimidated. I read them, they inspire me to write, but I am too timid to participate, and honestly don’t even know if I am allowed. (Don’t you have to have a degree or something? )Anyhow, I do recommend typing in “writing salon” into Google to get a perspective of the amount of stuff available. I would like to think that as people become more comfortable and savvy with the online world, there will be a simplification of the organization of information on the web.There is just too much!
In closing, I would like to share one of my comics with you. I hope you like it.
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