I’ve been interested in graffiti art since my first trip to NYC. I was astounded by the accuracy and talent that graffiti art required and since then, I’ve tried to keep up with news regarding it over the web. I also love how sites like youtube have brought a new venue for the art to the table. There is a lot of controversy about it. Many people say it is vandalism, that is is ugly, disrespectful or something only utilized by troubled youth to offend and disrupt. The connotations go on and on, but I would like to hear what you have to say after seeing a few of the videos I’ve posted. I think these illustrate the creativity, depth and insight into our culture that graffiti offers and as some of these videos show, they are often not only about political issues, but are political acts in themselves.

The video below is a time lapse of a wall. A group of asian youth are doing all of the art work.

The video below is about a new innovation in technology surrounding graffiti.

The video below is about a guy who calls himself Banksy. He lives in London and does a lot of political and capitalist commentary in the form of grafffiti. He is becoming famous for his work.

The video below is also a time lapse.