I am half way through my second read of The Liars Club by Mary Karr. What a fantastic story teller!
Some things that caught my attention so far: I really enjoy the juxtaposition of herself and her father as storytellers, orators and memory keepers. She is telling the story of her father telling a story in the scene where she is shucking peanuts on the bar at the Legion. i like the way she draws attention to the fact that both of their experiences are relative.
I also kept track of how often and when she mentioned poisons and plagues. I could be grasping at straws here, but there seems to be a correlation with the locusts and her grandmother. She says they run into the locusts on the way to grandma’s house and then when grandma comes to live with them, she creates the same chaos and destruction that the locusts did to the fields.
And then there is the DDT and Agent Orange. Her father is a vet, so there may be commentary on her town being a destructive force on several levels (i.e. not only to their family and town but to the whole world). The DDT seems symbolic of the crippling or stifling way she interprets her town (Leechfield).
I love her humor. I laughed out loud when she made the remark about their favorite games involving people passing out or vomiting.
I also like how she really gets into the mind of herself as a child. When she describes herself sitting on the toilet and grabbing at the stockings in her sisters hand, it struck me how childlike that is. She really understands the simplicity, the immediateness of being a kid.
Great book! I can’t wait to talk about the rest of it.