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That is my rendering of the flowers that taught me a valuable lesson. They were planted next to a dumpster. They were thriving, but I was afraid they were going to get crushed. So, good samaritan that I am, I decide to transplant them to the planter nearby. But of course, as is the case any time humans interfere with nature, soon after I moved them they died. I sat looking at them this morning pondering the symbolic significance of this incident.
It was just a flower, but that flower died when I messed with it, just like Mother Earth dies every time we mess with her.
This is just another reason why it is necessary that people be made aware of the huge and detrimental effects their actions create.
Hence, April 14th EARTH DAY 🙂 I will be participating in a really fun event put on by an organization called Step it Up. St Rose is doing their own segment of the festivities on the lawn that day. Look for the other Post about it in my blog which contains the full schedule. My professor, an avid activist and environmentalist is putting on the St Rose chapter and asked me to speak as a student representative at the event. I am honored. Maybe I should tell them my flower transplanting story…