I’ve been a huge fan of Tori since as far back as I can recall. She is incredibly articulate, poetic, political and talented. But the last few albums were less than astounding, as far as I’m concerned.
May 1, 2007 her newest album is set for release and is causing quite a stir. The title is American Doll Posse, which carries it’s own connotation, but what is most “controversial” is the cover art:

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The bible in her right hand and the word “shame” scrawled across the left has been talked about in several countries and in several forms of media such as (MTV and Uncut ) Another reason, aside from the art work is her not-so-subtle political agenda: the album opens with a manifesto called “Yo George” which is addressed to the President, asking such things as “How many young men have to lay down their life and their love of their woman for some sick promise of a heaven?”
What is interesting to me is that her next year of touring is entirely international and outside of the United States. She says, in interview, “I’m sorry, but ‘Love thy neighbor as yourself’ is nowhere to be found in our current regime.” More than ever I understand and appreciate the importance of Freedom of Speech. I am glad she’s doing it and I’m glad people are listening, I just wish she was doing it IN the US, not yelling across the ocean.