An article in the Washington Post describes a sociological experiment in which the wildly talented and well known violinist Joshua Bell plays in a terminal to see whether people would stop to notice or recognize his talent.

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In short, some did, but not nearly as many as should have. The moral of the story seems to be that America is devastatingly disconnected from beauty, from life, from happiness. How could a thousand people pass by such magnificence without so much as a glimmer of acknowledgement? Call me old fashioned, call me a hick, call me what you will, but I can barely pass by ANYONE on the street without at least a smile, let alone passing by someone playing as beautifully as he is. I would be late to work, and I would not apologize. Please, don’t misread me as thinking I am somehow superior–far from it. It’s just that I never want to lose that sense of wonder, that sense of really really living.

Take a moment to read the article and watch the videos. If nothing else you may recognize yourself in it somewhere.