I’ve been talking to people on campus about getting students to donate items that they don’t want to bring home, instead of filling the 8 ton garbage dumpster in the parking lot. It seems like a big job, but I feel so strongly about it, so I consulted my staff to see if they would help. They agreed and my boss designated a spot for stuff to go! Hurray!
Here’s the poster:

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Then drop it off in the Lima Office before you leave!!!!! (Need more info? Call x3611)
All items will go to local charity or Salvation Army.
Why let it go in the dumpster???

Stuff that can be donated:
*Clothes (free of holes and stains) in a bag please
*Shoes (in good shape)
*Carpet (relatively clean)
*Refrigerators (clean and working)
*Alarm clocks and radios
*Plastic storage bins
*ANYTHING still usable!

NON-Perishable food can also be donated, such as:
*canned items
*boxed pasta
*bottled water and juice
*snacks in unopened containers

Care about the Environment?
Care about your community?
Don’t lose it: Reuse it!!

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