A few weeks ago I heard wind of a group of people who were commiting to anti-consumerist living by ceasing new purchases. They call themselves The Compact. They made some exceptions, of course, for food and hygiene products, but otherwise all items must be second hand or done without. At first I was thinking “that’s easy. I did that for 5 years when I was living off $600 a month.” But then I realized I may run into trouble. I am a college student with one year left, which adds up to two more rounds of buying text books. Most of mine come from amazon or half.com anyhow, but sometimes it’s unavoidable if there is a new edition or a hard to find novel.

The point of all of this is, officially, it has been a week since I last bought something new and I am committing myself officially to the cause.

I, Candice Redden, officially declare that I commit myself to The Compact’s cause and I will not buy a new item other than food and hygeine products for the next year. In the name of anti-consumerism and environmental consciousness, I will boycott the endless production of needless garbage. I hereby remove myself from the rat race of accumulation and will only support businesses that make a sincere effort to serve the environment and the human race.