Hi friends! Long time no write! More word on the state of the earth. A brief synopsis:
I went to Solar Fest in Tinmouth VT where Bill McKibben (writer and environmentalist) spoke about the urgency with which we ALL need to act. This is his word: “In the next 10-20 years, depending on our activity we will see the first ice free summer in the arctic. In other words, the ice caps will completely melt. This is doubly bad. Not only will we see 100 foot water rise in some places, for instance New York City, New Orleans and Florida, but with the absence of all that white reflecting heat back into the atmosphere, the effects of Global Warming will multiply. All that white will be blue, soaking up the heat and keeping it here.”

I dunno about you but that is terrifying to me! People in NYC will be scuba diving to work! We cannot change what others do, only what we do. We all must take responisbility for our world.

Also, he spoke of the National Grid and our dependency on energy. (Mind you, I’m only indirectly speaking about oil.) The National Grid can no longer uphold the level of electricity that we demand and have come to expect. The now common “brown outs” and “black outs” are a direct result of our bulky use. The time is NOW to start working and investing in alternative energies such as wind, water and sun.

I was also more than pleased to see Simple Shoes represent with their new line called GreenToes. This line is completely made of sustainable and recycled material. They were selling them AT COST (yay me) to get the word out. I’ve been supporting Simples for some time now but I am particularly proud of their recent work. I haven’t been able to look into their workers right policies, so I cannot say if they are “perfect” or just “above the norm”, but at least I can say they are doing something. Here’s the pair of sandals I got and the pair of shoes I’ve had for a few months.
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
The best part is, every person I see tells me how much they love them before I even get to tell them how great they are!

Last I leave you with some words of wisdom from my turtle friends. It made me chuckle and I hope it does you as well.