The BBC reported this morning that Bush will be visiting New Orleans today to mark the 2 Yr Anniversary of the tragic natural/man made disaster.
I’m just curious as to how Bush, who has done virtually nothing to rebuild, aid or even assess the damage of the storm feels he has the right to go “honor them.” Why don’t you honor them by giving them extensions on their FEMA trailers, George? Why don’t you honor them by not charging them $100 a day for each day their windows aren’t boarded and lawns aren’t mowed, since most still can’t afford to even GET BACK into the city, George!? Why don’t you honor them by blocking big corporations from buying up all the property and using it to keep the blacks out, George? Honor their heritage and culture by helping them come home, instead of barring them out. How bout that, George?
Damn it, this country makes me sad.