Now, admittedly I go back and forth eating meat (chicken) and then not, but overall I feel strongly about seriously focusing diet on fruits and vegetables. It’s not that I feel guilty, I just find it really socially irresponsible. It’s bad for the environment, bad for economy and bad for human health. Not to mention, all the negativity that goes into meat before it gets to the shelf (factory employees, plastic packaging, poor living conditions for the animals and then the obvious slaughtering). I don’t want all that negativity going into my body. Yes, yes, it sounds a bit hoaky, but where else does that energy go? After all it can’t be created or destroyed, right?
Anyhow, I ran across a great site called Adventures in Vegetarian Cooking. And then I found a recent video of Alicia Silverstone on The View talking about alternative energy and veganism and such. I knew there was a reason I liked her.

Since we’re on the subject of health and such, does anyone know anything about Cleansing or Fasting? I’ve been reasearching both and feel that It’s time that I try. Have you tried either? Know of ones that are better than others?