A family in NYC has decided to shut off electricity and turn on life in an “experiement,” as they call it. The Beavans lived a “normal New York life” until Colin Beaven decided to see what would happen if they slipped off the grid. The family strives to live a 0- carbon footprint existence for the duration.
Colin hopes to draw some attention to issues of global warming and the huge footprint that major cities leave unnecesarily.
The Beavens have sworn off all plastic, toilet paper and paper towels, cleaning solvents other than natural ones and they’ve set up solar paneling to run a laptop and single lightbulb. They’ve also started a worm composting bin in their home.

They do want to be clear that it is only an experiment and will return to use of electricity afterward, but say this has changed their attitudes about it and will use it only for refrigeration and clothes washing.
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