The New York Times reports today that Verizon has stated they reserve the right to block any content that “may be unsavory to any of our users.” Verizon has based this decision on a recent campaign in which Naral Pro-Choice America text messages people to solicit their support, but Naral Pro-Choice has asked them to repeal the ban because “the people receiving our messages are people who’ve asked for them.”
This issue is just a dot on the bigger map of Net Neutrality, which NYT also comments on. Does the right to free speech apply to a privately owned company? Verizon says no.

The bigger issue is how Verizon is choosing what constitutes “unsavory material.” Is it just abortion? Or will it be abortion, then anything homosexual, anarchist, atheist or Muslim, just to name a few? Once again Campaign Finance rears its ugly head.
This world is changing fast and our social conscience needs to change with it, friends.