Over at Musings From A Stonehead the real heart of global climate change is on the table. He writes: “Depending on the assessment tools used, humanity passed the point at which global resources could sustainably support the world’s population in the late 1980s.”
Duh! I mean, he is absolutely right! THis is the elephant in the room, but for some reason the world is refusing to acknowledge it. Well, I suppose it’s not that hard to figure out why. Organized religion preaches on soap boxes about “spreading the seed” and “multiplying,” but my friends, we have multiplied plenty.
As I’ve said a billion times, it is not us who will feel the pain of global warming, and so it is our job to find ways to curb population growth in the poorest nations (not because they are poor but because they will suffer.) Contraceptives, anyone? Condoms to alleviate the AIDS pandemic and uncontrolled birth, perhaps? Aside from the obvious, education, that is.

Here’s a map of carbon foot print. As you notice, not in correlation with population: