Stephen Colbert (host of the Colbert Report on Comedy Central) announced last week on the Daily Show and in Maureen Dowd’s column in a guest editorial that he would run for the 2008 Presidential Candidacy.
While it may be a farce, like his staunch republican jargon and his evangelical christian views, it may be just what America needs.
He joked that America is desperate for a white male christian candidate, but the truth is I think the people are ready for anything other than the shit hand that’s been dealt the last 20 years. Colbert is a real guy with some of the most honest and realistic views of anyone on tv. I’d vote for him over the crooks running on the republican ballot and the fakers on the dems. Obama and Hillary offer one of the crappiest versions of an universal healthcare plan I’ve ever seen and NONE of the candidates are talking about the two most important issues, in my opinion, campaign finance and GLOBAL WARMING! This is the defining moment in the human race and not a word is being said on it.
Colbert, you may not be serious but we are.