In the New York Times this morning, David Brooks brings up a point that’s been swirling around in my brain: Americans are torn between their private and public lives. 78% of polled citizens say they are content with their current living status (that sounds a bit high to me but we will go with it) versus just 25% who are happy with the current state of the nation. They don’t like the path we are headed in or the issues on the table in the 2008 “debate” and they are worried about something much more important than the bottom line: the global picture. People are concerned about health care, about sustainability, about safety.More than ever before, people are willing to put aside “less important issues” that made headlines 8 years ago, like gay marriage and abortion to put the big issues that face us on the table.
The 25% statistic has been flying around for some time now. People are desperate for political change, but not at the cost of losing personal choice. The question remains, do any of the candidates offer anything even remotely resembling REAL proposals and stategies? Or is it just the same old drivel?

P.S. As for those actually offering solutions, today, I bring you: EVWORLD. This website is a buyers guide for all things electrically mobile. The link connects you to the link page for electric car companies.
An example is GemCars.This electric personal vehicle has a max speed of 25mph, but in most towns and cities the speed limit is 25 or 30 within city limits.