Who doesn’t love Dennis Kucinich? Unions love him, health and peace activists love him, and of course environmentalists and fair trade activists love him. He’s the only REAL (and by real I mean with an original and sincere thought) person running on the Dem ticket. I’ve sent the guy a few bucks in my day. I go to bed every night praying that I wake up and he’s received $5 million from some good will business or organization and he’s at the front of the pack. Dandelion Salad wrote a great analysis in favor of Kucinich today; The point being that if everyone who liked the guy sent him $100 or $5 for that matter, instead of saying how much they love him but he’d never win, he really MIGHT!
Could you imagine? A real person instead of a pandering robot in office? That hasn’t happened since Ford was appointed.
So, just throwing it out there folks, for today, lets not sit at our computers bitching about how we want the world to be. Lets go plant a tree (to negate a small portion of our daily foot print) and,

Get up every morning and write a check for $5 to Kucinich for President. In the little note line in the corner, write “Thanks for Impeachment.” Photocopy the check and send the copies to Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Paul, Pelosi, Conyers, and Schumer. Then send the original check to Kucinich. Repeat daily until satisfactory results achieved.