Ever felt like puking when you started seeing Christmas commercials in October? I know I do. I’ve talked with a lot of friends that feel that same sense of dread that comes with the manufactured holiday we call Christmas. Everyone wants the holidays to feel like they are supposed to: a time to appreciate family, friends and community,a time to show our love( because sometimes we forget to), and a time to meditate on the meaning of life. Did I make that up?
Well, Adbusters offers a solution to getting back to the true meaning: Buy NOTHING Christmas.
The day after Halloween I went to the mall. Macy’s and everyone else, had Christmas decorations up. Now, I’m not trying to be knit-picky, but I highly doubt that they are just so excited for the holidays that they couldn’t hold out until after Thanksgiving. (That’s right, there is another holiday in there.) I do remember a time when there were autumn decorations up until after Thanksgiving and when the stores closed for Black Friday they switched over the the mistletoe and wreaths. Or am I imagining things?
Some of you may recall my commitment to the Compact, which means I vowed to try not to buy anything new if at all possible. So, I’ve been giving the holiday’s some thought. What can I give my friends and family that will let them know how much I love them without breaking my vow? I know it means more to me when I get something that someone made or put thought into, so how can I do the same without buying NEW?
Keep a look out for my list of ideas. It will be something like “Sustainable Gifts for the Holidays.” 🙂