“Once the people begin to reason, all is lost.”
– Voltaire –

Here are a few clips on my top choices for the 2008 Dem Ticket.

*** For the record, I won’t support any candidate that is FOR Nuclear power. We have no effective means for storing toxic waste from nuclear programs,they say it’s the “green energy” but the amout of emissions and pollution from building the sites, moving the materials and mining the uranium is anything I would call green and the cost of guarding the horrifically dangerous waste adds up to billions a year. Not to mention the toxic radiation that leaks out into the communities they exist in.
PLUS, you wanna talk about National Security?? Lets add a giant bomb to hundreds more locations around the country…great idea. Here’s a supporting article , here and here(from the Sierra Club), and here (from Green Peace.)

Dennis Kucinich spanking the other candidates in Nevada. My favorite quote (not in this clip) was “Imagine having a president that got it right the first time,” commenting on the other candidates votes on the War and the (un)Patriot(ic) Act.

John Edwards, worker for DFA, alongside Dean toward a CLEAN campaign, let alone environment.

Senator Obama

Senator Clinton. I’m not a fan of her campaign finance. She takes money from all the big names. I know you gotta play the game, but damn Hillary, show some guts. She won’t state an opinion in a debate to save her life, but she’s got some ideas here…