This website offers a comprehensive list of products made in the United States.
What’s so great about that, you ask? Aren’t they more expensive than imports, you ask?
Well, dear reader, as an example: here is a tricycle listed on the site for $38.99:

The same product is for sale at for $44.89.
These sites have been popping up everywhere since the lead scare from Chinese Imported items lately, which is reason enough for some. If that isn’t enough reason for you, try this:

*Any item made in the US requires less CO2 emissions to get to your doorstep.
*The people making your product were working in a US company (meaning MORE jobs for you and I)
*The materials put into the product most likely came from the US, meaning we aren’t robbing some other far worse off country blind.
*If it’s made in the US it is more likely to be recycleable

So, just to recap, it’s better for the evironment, your family, the whole country and the WORLD. wow.
Just in case one of you smarty pants gets the idea to bust on me for promoting consumerism when I just posted about Buy Nothing Christmas, for the record I’m all about home made gifts or material-less gifts, but if you must…buy local.
Happy Holidays.