Northampton just might be on to something. Five years ago a group of folks, who call themselves The Pedal People started offering “human powered delivery and hauling service.”
Today they are doing better than ever. They aim to cut pollution by delivering groceries, picking up recycling, trash and compost as well as human powered yard care.
They are commited to educating and working personally within the community as well. I had the pleasure of meeting them at the RUST training in Albany, but that’s a post for another day.
They also offer bicycle training, open discussions about their work and a food ordering collective.
P.S. I love their mission statement:

“The Co-op uses bicycles and bicycle trailers to transport things, and is committed to using human power despite the culture of dependence on motorized vehicles. We hope that our use of relatively simple tools in sound business practice will debunk the prevailing belief that more technology is needed to solve problems.

We believe that social change is possible, and we share inspiration and education with people wanting to choose more sustainable lifestyles. We aim to make a living in a fair, noble way, exploiting no one.

We believe in the idea of low-income living as a counter to the work-consume-spend lifestyle common in America today. We also believe that by spending less time making a living, we can have more time to contribute to the community and live life at a human pace rather than a motorized pace.”