Top of my reading list:

Dead Heat: Global Justice and Global Warming
By Tom Athanasiou, Paul Baer
Published in 2002 by 7 Stories Press, this book makes the connection that many have been shouting for years:
When we think of solutions for the future, we cannot think of Global Warming and Social Justice as two seperate issues. They are inextricably connected.

In that spirit Dead Heat argues that justice– not small change and rhetoric but real developmental justice for the people of the South– is going to be necessary, and surprisingly soon. It argues that we must above all else, find a path to just sustainability – one that works for the weak and the vulnerable as well as the rich and the strong- and that the essential problems of this path are global, or, rather, rooted in localities the world around. It argues particularly, that we must make a phased transition from the Kyoto Protocol (which, to be clear, we emphatically support) to a second generation climate treaty based on equal rights to the atmosphere. And it concludes that the fightfor such “right’s based” climate treaty will be a key event in the emerging battle for common global resources of all kinds, from the oceans to the fresh waters, to the genome.