Troy, New York has made some huge changes lately. They’ve been booming with new privately opened businesses and farmer’s markets who are in to stay. They’ve taken steps to stay connected to their community, by buying ingedients and products locally instead of nationally or internationally.
Today has been dubbed Albany’s Buy Local Day Saturday December 8th.
I’ve mentioned the Warehouse in downtown Albany before, well they, in conjunction with a few other businesses from Albany and Troy are offering incentives and information in regard to buying local and the benefits of doing so.
Here’s The Warehouse, and here is the story on the businesses working together.
Sustainable community is where it’s at!

There is a national Buy Local Day on November 18th, but as always Albany and Troy like to do their own thing 🙂

What’s great about Troy is, it is set up the way some theorists predict communities will have to be set up in the future, with urban living in the center and hundreds of miles of farm land surrounding it. That way, the food grown will only be able to sustain the people living there and everyone will be responsible for contributing!
The set up looks something like the old colonies, with the houses and business in the middle and a circle of fields around. I love that idea.