The Climate Change summit in Bali came to a close with few results. Washington delegates only agreed to sign final documents “after being booed.” The BBC reports that many attendees were discouraged with the final results, but that it was a “positive first step.”
The BBC investigates: The US reportredly did a 180 degree turn on their original sentiment, saying originally they wouldn’t sign anything without the participation of all developing nations.

With delegates anxious to make a deal and catch aeroplanes home, the US delegation announced it could not support the amended text.

A chorus of boos rang out. And a member of Papua New Guinea’s delegation told the US: “If you’re not willing to lead, please get out of the way.”

After this response, the US delegates reportedly came back with a new tone:

Shortly after, the US delegation announced it would support the revised text after all.

Activist organizations were less than pleased with the results:

Despite the consensus achieved, environmental groups and some delegates criticised the documents as being weak and a missed opportunity.

For Europe, already committed to unilateral emissions cuts of 20% by 2020 and prepared to go further if others joined in, the grail was to leave Bali with the US, Japan, Russia and the rest of the industrial world signed up to big cuts.

As it has gone with the US and forgeign affairs, the Bali Summit was less than a success for the administration or for the citizens of the US. We have managed to offend and discourage nearly every country in the world. Not only that, we, the leaders of the world in abuse and waste of natural resources, have been the least willing to meet the demands for a safe and healthy future.

Al Gore was perhaps the biggest critic of the US climate policy,saying “We are what is wrong, and we must make it right.”
He continued that while he understood that the US current administration had been non-compliant with global standards, he urged the other leading countries to continue in hopes that the next administration would be “most likely” more willing.

Here’s a map of projected air temp change by 2099: