Headed by leaders of AIM (the American Indian Movement) including the famous Russel Means have announced they will back out of treaties signed by thier relatives and the United States. Spokesmen say the US has backed out on their end over and over and the time has come for a free and independent nation on the Lakota land.
Articles here and here.

It surprises me that it hasn’t happened sooner. The US government have destroyed their land, their communities and families, their culture and their livelihood. They have poisoned and sabotaged them, they have bullied and murdered them:

Native Americans have been speaking out for the land since the very beginning. More than their rights, they were concerned for the haphazard and wasteful nature of the Colonists and the rights of the land.
What is interesting to me; Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B Anthony spent time with the Haudenosaunee women of upstate New York. Their “radical” and “visionary” ideas of women’s rights and political reform came from the women they witnessed be successful and healthy memeber of their communities. More on this here.
When thinking of feminism and ecological rights, many fail to see the connection, but the founding mothers knew the essential necessity of conservation and balance. They advocated for much more than the vote, they advocated for total reform.

I am proud of the Lakota and AIM for taking this courageous step toward healing themselves, their heritage and their land. I hope you find some peace now.