Some happy news for the holiday season:

The BBC Reported this week that Japan finally caved to global pressure to go on a humpback whale “science” expedition, in which they planned to kill 12 humpback whales along with minke whales and fin whales (both still endangered, but not to the extent of the humpback). Unfortunately, their plans to follow through with the minke and fin whales are in progress. Japan argues that the other species are not as rare and therefore can still be hunted.
When the plan was unveiled in November, Australia as well as the US and New Zealand spoke out vehemently about the plans, citing their logic as “intentional fallacy.”
A Greenpeace spokesman said on the cancellation:

“The Japanese government has confirmed a rumor, that they have abandoned plans to kill humpback whales in the Southern Ocean this season. While this is good news, Greenpeace will continue its expedition to the Southern Ocean Whales Sanctuary to stop the remaining 985 whales being killed, including 50 endangered fin whales.”

Yet another testimony of the power of a small group of people. Today I am thankful for small wonders.

One New Zealand man planned to confront the whaling fleet on his own:

“News that the humpback whale had been spared came just 24 hours after solo yachtsman David Taylor set off on his lone protest to Antarctic waters”

Merry Christmas, everyone. Have a wonderful week. Let the greenpeace team and David Taylor remind you that you can be the difference that you wish to see in the world. 🙂