A wonderful post from Green Prophet on composting.
As I live on an urban college campus that is not inclined to have bins of rotting food sitting around, I regret to say I haven’t been composting in my time here, but I cannot wait to start.
Everyone I hear speak about it, talks like it is a spiritual experience. That is what I liked about Green Prophet’s post. His passion is apparent.
Here are a couple other resources on the topic:

The benefits of composting, you ask?
*The nutrients go back into the earth (or your garden) instead of in the dump
*Compost restructures the dirt in your garden and balances pH
*It makes a great mulch
*It eats and binds contaminants
*Invites worms (they are our friends)
*The amount of trash you put out is halved or more
*You get to spend time outside doing something productive
*It’s a great teaching/learning tool about the life cycle
*It’s fun and interesting

(photo courtesy of howstuffworks.com)