Supermarket Giant Whole Foods has announced that they will no longer offer “plastic” as an option, offering reusable and paper bags instead. Winner of the Green Power Partner of the Year for 2006 by The Environmental Protection Agency, the company which recently acquired Wild Oats Markets is a minor player in grocery with over a hundred natural foods and low processed food stores.
The Texas based company which spans from California to Toronto, Canada, says “This is something our customers want us to do.” Customers also have the option of a 5 or 10 cent refund for each bag they bring into the store.
Whole Foods is following what some environmentalists have been pushing for for years; a ban on plastic bags (Which take approximately 1000 years to decompose.) Many states have already mandated recycling for retailers or banned them ouright. New York, New Jersey require recycling while China and Oakland California are banning them to date.
It’s refreshing to see government and corporations taking such major steps to clean up our cities, waterways and roads.