The Associated Press reports that the University of Florida is surveying the possibility of a new energy source: the gulf stream.

Florida Atlantic University researchers say the current could someday be used to drive thousands of underwater turbines, produce as much energy as perhaps 10 nuclear plants and supply one-third of Florida’s electricity. A small test turbine is expected to be installed within months.

Some scientists are concerned about what the turbines might do to fish and migration habits and fishermen are worried about the space that the turbines would be placed in, saying that it is prime and valuable fishing territory.
But the UFlorida scientists are thinking this could be a great break-through, providing as much as 1/3 of the energy needed for the state of Florida.

It is research and innovation like this that will help us solve our energy problems and putting green-collar workers in business will help with the class and economic disparities so prevalent in the news today. Time will tell if this technology will pan out to their expectancy.