I’ve found some truly startling articles about aspartame. Now, I eat my fruits and veggies, I excersize four times a week, and I drink a LOT of water, but sometimes I just really feel like a soda. Since I have always been somewhat conscious of my weight, I chose Diet Soda. Of course I had heard of some reports that the artificial sweeteners in them had carcinogens and free-radical destoying agents, but I convinced myself it was no worse than the flouride in tap water. Well after this report, I can’t imagine touching the stuff again.
Here is one study done independently by a mother who worried about her kids drinking soda. Here is another Doctor’s account of her own battle with health complications directly resulting from aspartame intake. Here’s an article in the NYTimes linking diet soda to metabolic disorders.

A few weeks ago, when Hillary Clinton was campaigning, she said something that I hadn’t heard from a candidate in all my years participating and watching politics. She said, “I believe not only do we need to reform health care, but we need to divert some of that money to stopping the causes of the illnesses in the first place. We have toxins in our water, in our food and our money could be better spent on ceasing illness before it starts.”

Well shit, Hillary. I think you are on to something there. (This does not mean she necessarily gets my vote, only that I was listening and agreeing.) It is time that we stop letting big business poison us to better line thier pockets. This is exactly the reason that we need to start shifting into controlling our own food sources and water sources. Even one meal a week that didn’t come from the store is a meal that will benefit your family.

Turns out soda is only good for one thing: