YAY! I edited the crap out of this pic, in hopes that I could emphasise the liitle green buds, but you still gotta look for them.
Last Wednesday I planted strawberries, lavender, lemon grass and camomile. The little buds are camomile! They only took a few days to pop out 🙂
Yesterday I planted basil. The stawberries and basil will take some more time, I think. This is all my first experience growing food in my dorm. I have little buckets all over with these plants in them. I just hope that I can just keep them alive. I wanted to get my feet wet a bit with gardening, since it’s been years since I worked and lived on the farm.
I’ll keep you posted on how they do!

P.S. I re-imagined a sore throat spray bottle as a water spritzer. I was worried about the chemicals in the bottle, so I soaked it in water and soap for the night and rinsed it a billion times. It doesn’t seem to have an effect on the camomile so far, so I think it’s ok.