The World According to Monsanto is a new French documentary by Marie- Monique Robin.

In the news yesterday was a related article at BBC about the resilience (read monstrosities) that are GM crops.

This is a long video, but it does a great job of digging deep and offering both sides of arguments. There are so scary realities facing the next generation. Will we have any control over our food? Will any food be free of GM? This video suggests the answer is no.
The company Monsanto, most famous for Roundup, entered the next phase in world domination of food sources when they introduced soybeans that were RoundUp resistant. So, farmers buy their seeds from them, then they buy their presticides from them. Eeek. RoundUp has been proven to be horribly toxic, causing cancer and skin lesions, and animals and people exposed to the GM foods have shown gentic deformities in their children and wide spread cancer.

but by far the biggest concern is how their GM crops are cross contaminating every crop on earth. In other words, soon there will be nothing but GM foods, even in countries that specifically banned them.

Here’s a clip: