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A report from BBC announced today that “one in every three pounds is wasted on electronics set on stand-by.” In other words 1/3 of energy used is wasted because people are setting their computers/tv’s/DVD players and cell phone chargers, etc. It is particularly common in the US since there are no national televised informational campaigns here as there are in the UK and other European countries.
That statistic blows my mind! 1/3 of energy wasted…


Folks can help address this problem by sticking with products that carry the Energy Star logo, since they are often set with significantly lower energy use for standby mode, but the easiest and BEST way is simply to turn stuff off when you aren’t using it!


Apple’s Domination

I was checking in with “Graceful Flavor” the other day, reading his article entitled: Apples Role in Microsoft’s Downfall when it occurred to me that there was some irony at play here.
There has been much chatter about how clever Apple is at advertising, at branding, at getting their customers to connect to them, at producing systems and electronics that people want to be seen with…and so on and so on (but that does not mean that Apple has targeted Microsoft or that they ever had the intention of contributing to their downfall). Anyway, this was generally the sentiment of his blog post: that Apple was killing Microsoft by being so customer and technologically savvy.
Back on track, the irony that I’ve mentioned is that not only is “Apple contributing to the downfall of Microsoft” but so is blogging and communications like this. Every time I read an article saying how superior Apple is I am reminded of how influenced I was in going with a Mac. I’d always been attracted to them based on their dedication to musicians and artists, but within the past year their company has really been put on the map (again). I am not speaking only in terms of stocks and news media, but in people’s blogs (like Graceful Flavor) and in people’s profiles and on people’s cars and bags and… you get the picture.
My point is, it is not only Apples advertising, but their customers talking about them, and their enemies talking about them. It is the customer that makes or breaks a product or company.

On average the dissatisfied customer tells 11 people.
~Word of mouth: understanding and managing referral marketing

The same principal works in reverse. When I got my macbook last summer, I told every person I talked to how much more user friendly it is, how intuitive it is, how much more sense it makes than Windows. Right now I am contributing to this phenomena I am speaking of. Happy customers tell others which is FREE advertising for happy companies.