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Want to find a great handmade and local gift? Don’t know where to turn for something really unique and/or earth friendly? Look no further!
Etsy is a great site, which you can search by location (for lower carbon footprint), by color (for the fashion conscious) and by eco-friendly.

I found this on etsy:
Title: Upcycled Notebook

And Cafepress is another online market place where you can buy and sell handmade and print-on-demand products. You can get the “Please Stop Using Plastic Bags” handbag here.



Photographer Chris Jordan documents the enormous and surprisingly, distrubingly beautiful piles of trash from all corners of the country.

And closer to my heart, his images from Post-Katrina New Orleans are crushingly stunning. I think they give a really true impression of what it was like to walk through that space after the storm and what it was like for the residents to return to that.

The Sundance Channel has a new show devoted entirely to the environment. It’s called The Green
Robert Redford narrates the instructive and inspirational show.

This news is a few weeks old, I think but I forgot to post on it. This year a $2500 car will be released in India.
Specs: 60 miles an hour, 54mpg, no A/C or radio, seats 4, cute as a button.

Apparently there was some controversy at the opening with 6 female protesters outside in opposition to the land aquired for the plant:

These were activists from a forum of left-leaning individuals and organizations that calls itself the Delhi Solidarity Group, holding a protest against the “forcible” land acquisition at Singur, West Bengal, for the Tata plant to produce the Rs 1 lakh car.

Introducing, for a negligible fee of $1500, the eco pod! The world premier of a fully biodegradable, earth friendly coffin for you and yours! Have you ever dreamed of an after life that was eco friendly? Are you worried about your pesky coffin taking up precious space after your death? Then this is the coffin for you!

Not into worms doing the degrading for you? How about an acorn urn:

I’ve mentioned the Radical Urban Sustainability Training before. It was offered in Albany by the Rhizome Collective,an amazing group of people concerned with the impending deconstruction of food and water access, particularly for those in urban settings. This is one of a series of posts outlining some of my favorite ideas and how you can implement them in your own community.
Today’s is called a Floating Island.
The collective was given a piece of property that happened to be a runoff pond from city streets. The problem, of course was the water was completely unusable. Nothing was growing and most life couldn’t survive the harsh environment, so they came up with an idea to help clean the runoff and thereby make the pond more hospitable for growth. If you’ve come across a runoff pond or other polluted body of water, you may consider building one yourself.

All found and recycled materials were used
~ steel or aluminum pipe
~found 2L and 16oz bottles
~mesh or plastic netting
~rope or zip ties.
~plants that absorb toxins and grow in aquatic environment: (Think rice, duckweed, water celery,water hyacinth, azolla)

The Rhizome folks ran into a problem. When it didn’t rain, the water evaporated and their plants died, so they did a little engineering and came up with a cement bottom that looked like a bowl.The concept was that the bowl would hold the water until it rained again, keeping the plants and good bacteria alive.

*Start by rolling your recycleables into a ring.
*Tie your netting together so there is an outer ring and a liner on the bottom (think blow up pool.)
*The netting goes along the bottom, where the plants will take root.
*If you need to do the cement bowl, try a kiddie pool with wax paper lining as your mold.
*The whole apparatus goes around the pole, which should be planted firmly in the floor of the pond.
*Make sure it’s left loose enough for the whole apparatus to move up and down on the pole with the rise of water level.

Any questions?

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Plus here’s a great company doing good things.

Sustainable Connections:

Wednesday October 17th @1:15pm, the College of Saint Rose will be demonstrating in front of Saint Josephs Auditorium in order to show a visual representation of the support for a greener campus. All are encouraged to attend, wearing green and bring a sign!
We are asking the college to stand out as a leader in the fight against Global Warming by initiating recycling, energy efficiency and better waste management. Moreover, the students would like to acknowledge the Green concepts that are going into the new Massery Arts Center, including a geothermal heating/cooling system.
We appreciate Saint Rose’s commitment to a more sustainable future and ask for increased support and action.

The multimedia availability and versatility of the internet never ceases to amaze me. I spend the majority of this blog blabbering and bitching about the media, but most of us would miss out on stuff like this without it. THis kid rocks my socks!

Three generations of media, memory and storytelling.