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This video is footage from Candian News and they state in it that America has access to these cars, that they are on the road, but they are being blocked from the US too. The electric car is a threat to the global oil market and stands to lose them billions of dollars. Write to your senator now!

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I sincerely love you. I’ve often told my friends and family that soon I would join you in our secret love affair, but today I am disappointed with you Canada. You are usually so bright and conscientious. I heard today that you won’t be meeting your agreed upon Kyoto Protocol and instead of reguating stricter emissions rates, you are allowing them to increase instead. (BBC article)
Canada, I’ve always loved you, appreciated your universal health care, relatively low poverty rate and refusal to get involved in the soap opera that is the United States and the rest of the world, but today I feel betrayed. How could you do this to me in times of such dire Environmental Distress?
I hope we can work things out. I really hate to let our friendship go.
Write back soon.