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Great article from Associated Content explaining What to Do with Your Carved Pumpkin Decoration!


Wondering what to do for a costume? This great article from ezine is broken down by what color clothing you have to work with!
Also, check out and’s article on DIY Costumes.

Happy Halloween!


And what do you do if you can’t afford organic? Stop eating it all together I guess.

A website called GreenGrid.OrgThe Green Grid is an “unprecedented opportunity to “Get Connected to Efficient IT.”

I get the impression that they are hoping to have this be a standard with which to determine an electronic product’s energy efficiency. It will be something along the lines of energystar.
They hold symposiums and have comprised their board with some heavy hitters, such as IBM, ADP, Microsoft and Dell.


Nope, this isn’t sarcasm. Nope, it isn’t a jab at the Oscars for overlooking The Diving Bell for best cinematography. BBC broke the news yesterday that LA has the best tasting tap water, according to the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting.

…selection criteria was based on taste, smell, texture, after taste and clarity.

And in the bottled water category, newcomer Tumai Water of Martinsburg, West Virginia, won over. The company donates profits to Aids relief and water needs in Africa.

Despite the drought crises sweeping the west in the United States, LA has managed to keep their taps running clear. Congratulations Los Angeles! Now lets work on Solar Power.

Here’s a great video I found over at Contaminant Media

Slowly but surely, more people are becoming aware of the double-edge sword that is “organic” and “natural” shopping. While we may sleep better at night, assured of the lack of chemicals and “better” quality food and product we bought, the real problem lies in our consumption habits. Going green is great. Buying green is great, but we still need to re-think what we “NEED.”
Here is a funny spoof ad I found on youtube:


Photographer Chris Jordan documents the enormous and surprisingly, distrubingly beautiful piles of trash from all corners of the country.

And closer to my heart, his images from Post-Katrina New Orleans are crushingly stunning. I think they give a really true impression of what it was like to walk through that space after the storm and what it was like for the residents to return to that.

Just in case the victims of Katrina hadn’t been slighted and robbed enough since the storm, here is a new story from the Associated Press and CBSnews (video below) on new allegation that the FEMA trailers offered for emergency housing, that over 50,000 people are still living in, are toxic. They measure high in formaldehyde fumes, causing nose bleeds, respiratory issues and even reported deaths. Of course, instead of addressing the news, now over ten months old, it seems FEMA did everything in their power to cover it up (assumedly to prevent lawsuits).


The BBC reports that the work has begun on a $22 billion project, which will result in a 50,000 person, 1,500 business city. The World Wildlife Federation has funded a large portion of the project.

Water will be provided through a solar-powered desalination plant, Masdar says. The city will need a quarter of the power required for a similar sized community, while its water needs will be 60% lower.

Environment New Service reports that in January President Bush previewed the layout and was impressed by the carbon-neutral city that will be called Masdar City. The projected opening is currently at 2009.
Masdar is a major Energy company in Abu Dhabi and has lead innovative technology in renewable energy. Here is their site, which lays out the plans for this awesome endeavor.